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Since 1997, Intersecurity-Georgia has been operating in the Georgian market and is one of the first and largest privately held security companies, offering to customers a wide range of security services

Intersecurity Georgia Ltd. was founded in 1997 by a group of dedicated individuals with a distinguished record of service in law enforcement and military. Launched initially as a security firm with Tbilisi as its primary service footprint, ISG’s leadership soon established a major regional office in Adjara region, setting the company on a path toward becoming a full-service security leader. With a staff base of over 400 highly trained and skilled security personnel, we provide highly effective physical and electronic security services to a wide range of public and private sector clients across the country. We have 20 years of experience of working with companies, organizations and charities. Our clients can rest assured that when they deal with us they are dealing with a professional company. We are fully licensed by LEPL Security Police.

The company’s security service is divided into six main directions:


1997: LTD Intersecurity-Georgia was founded. By the first year, around 70 people were employed;

1998: The number of employees reached 200 due to high number of clients. Our company is proud of the fact that during the mentioned period the international organizations such as UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNOMIG, IOM, NDI, were our trusted partners, with whom we have sustained a fruitful partnership. The same applies to diplomatic missions, embassies, international business corporations and high-ranking diplomats;

1999: As a result of successful fulfillment of security operations, ISG employees, along with the Governmental protective services, took significant role in protection of strategic sites;

2004: The most significant and large-scale project in the company’s history, BP Georgia Project, was launched. In the framework of the project, we had a tremendous opportunity of employing 1200 personnel and providing unparalleled physical security services to the most important strategic site of the country, which, together with the honor, represented a high responsibility;

2004-2005: Our company initiated one more crucial project – ensuring security for railway transportation in the context of the project “VIKING INTERNATIONAL”;

2005-2006: During the mentioned period, Intersecurity-Georgia actively participated in maintenance works of Surami Orphanage House (Surami Fostering Institution), therefore creating normal living conditions for the children dwellers of the House. Besides, ISG financed the catering of the children, provided them with relevant outfit and put their bedrooms in order. In 2005, we started cooperation with companies such as representation of British-American Tobacco, Alia Newspaper, Alta PC shop, Tamara Diamond Jewelry shop, service center of Internews Ltd., ICI Paris perfume chain, diplomatic missions, particularly: Embassy and Consulate of Israel in Georgia, representations of Joint and Sokhnut, UN programs, World Food Program and country mission of World Bank, International Monetary Fund, ProCredit Bank, Rustavi-2 TV channel, Rustaveli Movie Theater, Georgian jewelry factory Zarapxana, Post Bank, etc;

2006: International Red Cross committee and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent joined Intersecurity-Georgia. A large-scale construction project financed by Czech Republic-Georgia-Israel was implemented with the support provided by our company;

2007: We started collaboration with Hoffmann-la Roche representation in Georgia and Voules-Vous perfume retail chain;

2008: GPS service for vehicle protection was added to our security service and the company opened its Batumi (Adjara) Regional Office, offering a more complete footprint within the country. Pharmacy chains, such as PSP and Aversi, joined ISG. We successfully worked on security of the highway construction in the direction of Western Georgia, which was carried out by the representation of Ashtrom International in Georgia;

2009: Upon adoption of the law of Georgia “On Private Security Service” by the Parliament of Georgia, our company was one of the first companies granted with the license No. 003 for its activities;

2010: ISG was given the privilege of securing Adjara textile Ltd. – one of our most famous partners operating in Georgia. On behalf of Georgia, the apparel factory has been producing high-quality sports clothing for some of the major brands such as Puma, Lotto, Erima, Nike, and it is indeed an honor that our company is responsible for providing security and safety to this project;

2011: TBC Bank and TBC Leasing joined our list of trusted partners;

2014: Our company, through the application of advanced security technologies, is carrying out its security business in the organizations such as Radiation Medicine Center in Tbilisi (the largest in the South Caucasus) and doctors’ offices of Aversi pharmacies. In the same year, Sno – water producing company in Natakhtari, and Khareba Winery – wine producing company joined our clients’ list;

2016: The company rebrands its security services after important investment in personnel and technology. The change in the leadership of the company triggered the implementation of the latest standards, policies and operating procedures. Significant renewal of the material-technical base increased the company’s ability to offer the highest quality of service;

2017: Major contractors, such as transnational company “Metro”, and one of the largest construction companies in the road rehabilitation Todini Construzioni Generali, together with the investment company Metro Atlas Georgia joined ISG’s list of clients. The company’s client portfolio grows to over 800 clients and continues to maintain a client retention rate of over 90%.

In 2017 the company celebrated its 20th anniversary;

2018: The Regional Development Directorate has been established in the company in the scope of which up to 200 contractors joined ISG. Moreover, up to 400 contractors in total joined the company during the first trimester of 2018 including but not limited to Baum Construction, Adjara Textile Poti Branch, construction company Ubiki etc.


It’s worth to be mentioned that from 2016 till the first half of 2018 there was 53% growth of the company’s client portfolio.


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Ioseb Alavidze

General Director

Major General (R) Ioseb Alavidze is the founding-partner of Intersecurity-Georgia Ltd. and since August 2016 has joined the company to serve as General Director. He has been instrumental in ISG’s strategic development and impressive growth. He obtained his higher education in 1989-1997 in Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and in 1981-1986 graduated from Ilia Chavchavadze Institute of Foreign Languages. Ioseb Alavidze has a rich working experience; he speaks English, Russian and Japanese languages. He is awarded with Vakhtang Gorgasali military medal of the II category and five service medals. He has the rank of the Police Major General, has a spouse and three sons.

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Zurab Tsereteli

Deputy General Director

In 2003 Zurab Tsereteli joined the team as a co-founder. He graduated from Ilia Chavchavadze Institute of Foreign Languages (German language) and Faculty of Law of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. His experience includes working for the law enforcement agencies. He is fluent in German and Russian languages, has a spouse and two children.

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Tea Giorgadze

Director of Legal Provision, Human Capital Development and Operations Management

Tea Giorgadze joined the ISG team in 2006. She received her higher education in 1995-2000 in Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Faculty of Law) and in 2001 obtained Master’s degree in International Relations; in 2001-2003 she completed her post-graduate studies. Tea has a solid experience of working for private and state organizations; she is fluent in Russian, German, Turkish and Italian languages.

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Lasha Tvauri

Advisor to the General Director

Colonel (R) Lasha Tvauri joined ISG in 2017. He received his degree from “Iberia” university, majoing in law, and obtained his master’s with specialization in jurisprudence and economics at Tbilisi Agricultural University. Lasha has an extensive working experience in law enforcement field. He speaks Russian and English languages. He is the champion of Georgia in freestyle wrestling and has a black belt Kung Fu.

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Gela Papuashvili

Director of Security, Mobile Patrol and Technological Development Department

Gela Papuashvili joined the ISG team in 2005.  He received his higher education in the State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport Medicine of Georgia. Gela Papuashvili has a rich experience of working for private and state organizations, particularly, in 2003-2005 he occupied the position of a director in Centurion Ltd; during the same period, he was the Head of Guarding and Internal Security Service. In 2005-2011 he was the Head of Protection of Intersecurity-Georgia Tbilisi-based sites. In 2011-2014 he was on the position of the Deputy Director of Pari Ltd. He has a spouse and three children.

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Elguja Jamburia

Deputy Director of Security, Mobile Patrol and Technological Development Department

Major General (R) Elguja Jamburia joined the ISG team in 2017. He has a rich working experience in the law enforcement. He joined the police force in 1972 and has commanded different units throughout his police career. He was a chief of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, as well as head of Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi division. From 2014 to 2016, Elguja was a Deputy Director of Security Department at Georgian Water and Power LTD. He has been awarded with two ordens and five service medals.

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Salome Kikacheishvili

Head of Remote Monitoring Center

Salome Kikacheishvili joined the Intersecurity-Georgia team in October 2016. She received her higher education in 2006-2010 in Georgian-European University (Faculty of Journalism – TV-radio reporter). Salome speaks in English, Russian and German languages. She has one child.

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Luiza Meskhia

Chief Accountant

Luiza Meskhia joined the ISG team in 2017. She graduated from Tbilisi State University with a degree in Economics. She has an extensive working experience in accounting and finances. She speaks Russian and English languages.

Our Clients

Our security and protection services are tailored to the needs of each client’s retail network, property estate or business operations across the Georgia

British Council Georgia
GreenHill Residence
LTD Smart Warehouse
``Guli`` Clinic
Sprint Dental
Aghmshenebloba Ltd
Massimo Dutti
TBC Bank
TBC Leasing
Viking International
Procredit Bank
Georgia Red Cross
World Bank
Medical Center ``Cito``
New Light
IPM Research
Winery Khareba
Clinic Renaissance
Unison Insurance Company
Chichua Medical Center Mzera
Global Arms
UN Women
Metro City Batumi
Ajara Textile
BTM Textile
2 Nabiji