Block Recording Devices from Listening in on You

Rabbler Noise Generator

The Rabbler Noise Generator will protect your conversations from anyone who might be listening in.

  • Portable Design
  • Protects Against Most Voice Recorders
  • Comes with Leather Case

Speaking about sensitive information in a public, or even a private, place can be a dangerous proposition without proper precautions. The Rabbler Noise Generator portable audio jammer travels easily with you and masks your speech from listening devices. The device works by broadcasting speechlike noise in the same spectrum as your own speech, making it virtually impossible for recording devices to distinguish your voice from background noise.

If you deal in sensitive proprietary information, this professional portable audio jammer is the tool for you. Private conversations concerning government dealings, stocks, patents or simply personal information you don’t wish shared can be kept between you and whomever you wish to share it. Use the Rabbler Noise Generator to keep your discussions discreet.

  • Frequency Range: 300Hz – 4600Hz
  • Power: 9V
  • Current Consumption: Up to 120 mA
  • Dimensions: 85x53x21 mm
  • Controls: Power, Volume
  • Indicators: Power, Level