Protect Your Valuable Conversations and Locate Bugs with This All-in-One Counter-Surveillance Tool

SM2020 Stealth Acoustic Noise Generator

This counter-surveillance tool not only blocks most listening devices, but it also features a built-in RF detector capable of discovering any bugs in your presence.

  • Protects Against All Known Methods of Listening Devices
  • Detects Radio Frequencies 70MHz-3000MHz
  • Fully Portable Design

The Stealth SM2020 is a professional-grade portable speech protection system that defends against listening and recording devices. The SM2020 creates sound barrier interference which masks your speech and any sound to be extremely difficult or impossible to extract the original content from the noise. This all-in-one counter-surveillance tool will not only block listening devices from listening in on your conversations, but its built-in RF (radio frequency) detector will find any bugs in your immediate surroundings.

When used properly, this Portable Speech Protection System will protect you from:

  • Voice Recorders (tape and digital)
  • Microphones (including wireless microphones)
  • Stethoscopes
  • Laser Listening Devices
  • GSM/Bluetooth/WiFi Transmitters, etc