Glass Break Detector with Anti-masking

Max-Glass (AM)

MAX-GLASS (AM) ensures highly reliable glass breaking detection while providing protection against any attempt to disable its operation by blocking (masking) its sensor.

MAX-GLASS (AM) performs a Real Self-Test (R.S.T.) by means of a built-in buzzer.

MAX-GLASS (AM) ignores any sound/noise but crystal glass breaking, since it alerts only when a detected sound matches one of the variety glass breaking sound images recorded in its memory.

  • Dual frequency flex & break identification.
  • Anti-masking protection.
  • Detects glass breaking of all glass types: Plate, Laminated, Wired, Tampered etc.
  • Range of 14 meters.
  • Omni-directional sensitivity.
  • Memory latched input.
  • Two LED indicators: Red = Alarm, Green = Any sound reception.
  • R.S.T. – Real Self-Testing, by a built-in buzzer.
  • Microcontroller based with unique algorithm.
  • High level of noise immunity.
  • Extremely reliable & Highly immune to false alarms.
  • A/D signal analyzer.
  • Powerful microprocessor controlled.
  • SPC – Smart Processing Controller.
  • High level of RFI/EMI immunity.
  • Wall, ceiling or corner mounting.


Detection range 14 meters
Detected glass type Plate, Laminated, Wired, Tampered
Minimum glass dimension 15 x 25 cm.
Power Supply 8 to 16V DC
Current drain 14mA @ 12 V
Alarm contacts endurance (N.C.) 50mA/24V DC (Max)
Anti-masking contacts endurance (N.C.) 50mA/24V DC (Max)
Tamper switch contacts endurance (N.C.) 50mA/24V DC (Max)
Warm-up time Instantaneous
Alarm time 2 Sec.
Anti-masking relay activation time All time of masking – upon switching the alarm system from “Disarmed” to “Armed” state
RFI immunity Greater than 20V/M, DC to 1GHz
Operating temperature (-)32°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 158°F)
Dimensions 29 x 52 x 89 mm