Wireless waterproof outdoor/indoor PIR intruder detector with Anti-masking

VIP Wireless 

VIP Pro wireless detector provides highly reliable movement detection and ensures excellent protection against any attempt to disable its operation by blocking (masking) its near field-of-view or when the detector has been covered, whether the alarm system is Armed or Disarmed (“Anti-masking”).

  • Works with the receiver model RX-20.
  • Bi-directional: The wireless detector gets receiver acknowledgement for each transmission.
  • Option to program all detectors’ features by GSM adapter.
  • Anti-masking protection.
  • Two PIR sensors.
  • Waterproof and all weather resistance.
  • Shutters behind the lens allow limiting the PIR sensors vertical field of view.
  • 2 provided plates allow installing the detector with a vertical tilt of 50 by each plate (100 by using both plates).
  • Multi-directional Mounting BRACKET (Option).


 Battery  3.6V, 1/2AA Lithium Battery
 Current  Standby = 10μA, Max.
 Detection range  Indoors = 12 meterOutdoors = 8 meter