Retail Security

Intersecurity-Georgia retail security operators have a rich experience in conducting covert and clandestine investigations. They have carried out various large-scale investigations for public and private entities and are experts in obtaining objective information unobrtusively

Mystery Shopper

secret-shopperIn case of requesting Intersecurity-Georgia’s “mystery shopper” service, a client will be able to better understand the internal operations of his own business – what is the extent of honesty among low-level employees. He or she will have the opportunity to get the information on the employee behavior, quality of service, sales processes and business operations. We are looking forward to provide the client with a real picture of the “shopping” experience, that is why we are deploying the right people on the right place in order to timely obtain from the right location the facts directly related to a consumer, business and employee relation. You can believe that Intersecurity-Georgia shall successfully implement a qualified mystery consumer in your organization and carry out objective observation of the above mentioned aspects. We believe that improvement of the operational quality begins with “trust but verify” principle. Our qualified specialists know all the details of KPI in commercial institutions, including, service (how welcoming the staff is towards consumers), merchandizing (whether the staff is correctly informing consumers on the goods related novelties) and safety (loss prevention).

Intersecurity-Georgia is offering to its clients the following mystery shopper services:

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    Monitoring of consumers;
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    Quality of service;
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    Parallel market trading;
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    Detecting employee theft and shoplifting.
Store Detective
In case of using the service of a store detective offered by Intersecurity-Georgia, a client will be able to prevent the facts of internal theft in the warehouse, as well as make an identification of negligent employees. The warehouse detective is able to prevent losing of goods in the process of delivery through implementation of various control mechanisms, including controlled delivery and vehicle inspection. The warehouse detectives will be presented on sites in civil outfits, portraying as a regular staff member, and will observe relatively vulnerable points, where possibility of losing the goods is significantly high. They will provide the client with advices related to the ways of mitigating such instances. Active observation of the site by the store detectives reduces the possibility of theft from customers and employees alike. In compliance with the client’s request, the detective, at the same time, has the opportunity (with the help of various technical means) to examine the employees before leaving their workplaces and, also, the goods supplied to the warehouse. It is extremely important to keep the stores detective’s activities unobtrusive in order to eschew any doubtful situation.